Teaching San Antonio to swim for over 25 years.

Heights swim lessons


Group or Private?

That’s right, we offer both group and private lessons for you and your kids to learn together or receive personalized one-on-one instruction. Whether that’s thriving in a group setting or requiring more individual attention, our lessons are designed to cater to your needs.

Age Flexible

Whether you’re an adult looking to enhance your swimming skills, improve your endurance, or have your child learn to swim, we offer classes for all ages, starting at 15 months and up.

50+ Years

The HSL team has over 50 years of collective experience! Our extensive knowledge and skill sets enable us to deliver effective techniques to better your learning. This gathered experience allows you to excel as a stronger and safer swimmer.

The Success Story

Our lead instructor, Ann, has been teaching swimming lessons since she was 17. First starting, she trained under Ethel Norton at the San Antonio Country Club for many years. When Ms. Norton retired, Ann took over Norton’s program with the honor of seeing its success through and remained the program director for over 15 years. 


For a couple of years, Ann taught Private Lessons at the homes of families she had known from the San Antonio Country Club. Ann was then asked by Rick Shaw, the owner of the Heights Pool, to be the Director of Swimming Lessons. She has been there with a Team of instructors for over 20 years. She credits the success of the program to each one of these instructors.